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Return StackingTM

Newfound Research LLC is a quantitative investment and research firm dedicated to helping investors pro-actively unlock the benefits of diversification through Return StackingTM. We manage alternative strategies and capital efficient solutions that allow investors to implement Return StackingTM concepts.

What is Return StackingTM?

For decades, sophisticated institutional investors have thoughtfully applied leverage to include diversifiers without diluting their core, strategic portfolios. Due to the complexity of managing derivatives, small institutions, financial advisors, and individuals have largely been locked out of this approach.

At its core, Return Stacking™ is the idea of layering one investment return on top of another within a professionally managed mutual fund or exchange-traded product.  In doing so, investors can achieve more than $1.00 of exposure for each $1.00 invested.

Newfound is pioneering the research, product design, and portfolio construction that unlocks this opportunity for everyone.

Why Return StackingTM?

  • Diversification without Sacrifice – Investors can introduce diversifying assets and strategies without sacrificing exposure to their traditional asset allocation.

  • Opportunity for Enhanced Returns – By introducing additional sources of return, Return StackingTM creates the potential for outperformance, which may be particularly attractive in an environment where expected returns for traditional assets may be muted.

  • Improving Diversification – By thoughtfully introducing differentiated return streams, investors may gain a diversification advantage with the potential to reduce portfolio volatility and drawdowns.