Tactical asset allocation at the intersection of quantitative and behavioral finance.

Awarded 2016 ETF Strategist of the Year by ETF.com

As economic tailwinds from the last thirty years turn into headwinds, achieving traditionally simple investment objectives is an increasingly complex and risky undertaking.

Newfound offers a modern suite of quantitatively-managed, behavior-aware tactical portfolios designed for both the destination and the journey.

We believe in a quantitatively-driven investment approaches, powered by the evidence-based insights of consistent, thoughtful research.  We focus on the application of value, momentum, carry, defensive, and trend in tactical asset allocation.

We believe process consistency is paramount for long-term investment success and is best achieved through systematic approaches which help mitigate the behavioral biases that often lead to poor investment decisions.

Investing shouldn’t be complicated, but that doesn’t mean it is easy.  Emotional decisions can derail even the best laid investment plan.  Therefore, we believe the optimal investment plan is, first and foremost, the one we can stick with.

We know investors care deeply about protecting the capital they have worked hard to accumulate, so we seek to improve risk-adjusted returns by prioritizing downside risk (drawdown) management.


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