In August 2008, Newfound Research was founded on a simple premise: as investors, we care deeply about capital preservation.

The 2000’s showed us that the sterile sixty-forty, set-it and forget-it model doesn’t work.

Hundreds of years of Tulipmanias, Mississippi Schemes, South Sea bubbles, dot-com booms and housing busts demonstrate that humans are often irrationally driven by emotion.

In market turmoil, investors need an answer to “what’s our plan?”

Our full suite of tactically risk-managed investment strategies seek to smooth out the ride by participating in market growth and protecting against significant declines.

Rules-based and quantitatively-driven, our strategies remove the subjectivity of human judgment.  Our approach is simple by design; we’re humble enough to know that being too clever can get you in trouble.

Tactical allows us to be dynamic in an ever-changing market environment.  But being tactical does not mean activity for activity’s sake.  We know that sometimes the best course of action is no action at all.

Through risk management, we aim to help keep investors on plan.

Let others talk about alpha.  We’ll talk about risk.

Volatility happens.  Have a plan with Newfound Research.

We believe a flexible and active approach to asset allocation is needed to manage portfolio risk while simultaneously allowing investors to meaningfully participate in market growth.


A full suite of tactically risk-managed investment strategies.


Weekly commentaries, monthly webinars, and quarterly updates.


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