In August 2008, Newfound Research was founded on a simple premise: investors care deeply about capital preservation.

Newfound Research is an investment manager delivering a full suite of dynamic, systematically managed ETF portfolios that seek to participate in market growth and avoid significant market declines.

We believe in portfolio processes that are simple, consistent, and thoughtfully designed.

Most of all, we believe that managing risk is paramount to achieving superior risk-adjusted returns.

Volatility happens. Have a plan with Newfound Research.

Read our 2016 Market Outlook.  Then put it into action.

Newfound Research is an investment management firm offering a full suite of dynamic, systematically managed investment strategies.

We believe a flexible and active approach to asset management is needed to manage portfolio risk while simultaneously allowing investors to meaningfully participate in market growth.

We balance a disciplined, research-driven approach with prudent strategy design to deliver intuitive, repeatable results.

We believe that each strategy should seek to adhere to a simple investment objective, providing transparency both in expected outcome and process.  Our research shows that simple processes are more robust to uncertainty than complicated processes – an important factor in delivering consistent and repeatable results.

To meet a simple objective, a strategy must be governed by a guiding policy.  At Newfound, we believe that the best way to ensure consistency in our process is through a quantitatively-enabled, rule-based approach which can help mitigate behavioral biases that often compound into investment errors.

At Newfound, we recognize the clear distinction between the algorithms that generate our investment signals and the rules we use to translate those signals into portfolios.  We believe that it is in the rules – the design of the portfolio – that the objective may be met and we may strive to manage risk.