Broadly diversified mandates including traditional market exposures and non-traditional style premia.

Going beyond stocks and bonds.

Our portfolios that adopt a global perspective, with exposures spanning global stocks, global bonds, commodities, real estate, and liquid alternatives.

An emphasis on tactical.

Our strategies seek to harvest long-term risk premia and seek excess returns through the systematic application of tactical signals.

Multi-Asset Income is a tactical asset allocation strategy that offers access to a diversified set of traditional and non-traditional income-generating assets within a disciplined risk management framework that seeks to avoid significant drawdowns.

Available in US and Canadian (Index: NQGRMICT) mandates.

The QuBe Asset Allocation Models are a globally diversified suite of strategically allocated investment portfolios available in a spectrum of risk profiles implemented with long-only mutual fund and ETF positions.  Learn more.

For information on how to invest in these strategies, click here.

Performance for the Canadian Multi-Asset Income mandate is reported by First Trust Canada.

The Weird Portfolio

A research project exploring global, multi-asset, unconstrained portfolios.

The portfolio is designed to maximize expected return while matching the risk profile of a 60/40 stock/bond mix, with no embedded preference for specific assets or exposures.

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