Custom Index Solutions
Thoughtfully designed, investable index strategies.

Newfound Research constructs, publishes, and licenses indices based upon our research and insights, with custom mandates available for qualified institutions.

We seek to de-mystify the investment process through the consistent publication of transparent and original research reports.

Our weekly research commentary covers topics including style premia, sequence risk, process diversification, craftsmanship, and risk management.

Investor support.

The optimal portfolio is first and foremost one that an investor can stick with.

We strive to help investors better navigate uncertainty through timely and transparent communication.  Our goal is to establish foundational theory and evidence while pro-actively highlighting potential risks that may be faced along the way.

Thoughtfully designed.

We build our index strategies to provide systematic access to our highest conviction research ideas.  In translating these active signals into portfolio allocations, we strive to balance conviction with uncertainty and pro-actively manage the risks of active strategies through portfolio design decisions.

Solutions unique to your needs.
Interested in licensing an index, or the construction of a custom index solution?  Put our insights and research to work.