Our first focus is on risk.  We know investors care deeply about protecting the capital they have worked hard to accumulate.  And as investors approach and enter retirement, managing “sequence risk” becomes even more important.  We seek to improve risk-adjusted returns by prioritizing downside risk (“drawdown”) management.

How?  We believe in systematic, disciplined, and repeatable decision-making powered by the evidence-based insights of consistent, thoughtful research.  Specifically, we focus on the high conviction application of the major quantitative investment “styles” – i.e. value, momentum, carry, defensive, and trend – within tactical asset allocation.

Trend Equity

Since our inception in 2008, Newfound has helped manage long/flat equity trend-following strategies that seek to capture a significant proportion equity market growth over a full market cycle while reducing the impact of severe and prolonged market declines.

Sector Series

  • Description: Equity market exposure in a sector-based framework.  Available in U.S. large-cap, U.S. small-cap, and Global large-cap variations
  • Styles: Trend
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Factor Series

  • Description: Equity market exposure tilted to popular quantitative styles such as value, momentum, and defensive
  • Styles: Value, Momentum, Defensive, Trend
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Fixed Income

Our fixed income mandates embrace an “unbundle and rebuild” philosophy, decomposing objectives into three categories: income generation, capital preservation, and diversification.  We believe that by targeting specific objectives and embracing diversification across bond sectors, outcomes can be achieved with greater consistency.

Target Yield

  • Description: A suite of globally diversified bond portfolios; each portfolio seeks to deliver a consistent yield profile in excess of the 1-year U.S. Treasury rate with minimal capital volatility
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We aim to build portfolios that are broadly diversified, seeking to benefit from a wide range of return sources including both traditional market exposures and non-traditional style premia.

Multi-Asset Income

  • Description: Seeks to provide access to both traditional (e.g. global Treasuries, dividend stocks, and corporate bonds) and non-traditional (e.g. high yield bonds, REITs, MLPs, bank loans, preferreds, and EM debt) income-based asset classes within a disciplined risk management framework that seeks to avoid significant drawdowns
  • Styles: Carry, Defensive, Trend
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QuBe Asset Allocation

  • Description: A globally diversified suite of strategically allocated investment portfolios available in a spectrum of risk profiles
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Custom Index Solutions

  • Description: We offer custom-tailored investment solutions that are built with and powered by our research and insights
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