About Us
We seek to improve investor outcomes by focusing on risk first.

Newfound Research LLC is an investment firm dedicated to helping investors pro-actively navigate the risks of investing through thought leadership and investment acumen.


ETF.com ETF Strategist of the Year


ETF.com ETF Strategist of the Year Finalist


ETF.com ETF Investor of the Year


ETF.com ETF Investor of the Year Finalist

ETF. com is a third-party organization which specializes in providing resources (news, analysis, and education) on Exchange Traded Funds. The firm’s marquee properties are its website, ETF.com, and its print publication, ETF Report. Annually, ETF.com organizes awards for ETFs and ETF service provider in approximately 30 categories. Award winners are selected in a three-part process. 1) NOMINATION – The process begins with open nominations where interested parties were invited to submit nominations for awards in the available categories (with there being one winner per category, unless a tie resulted). Self-nominations are accepted. Newfound Research employees did provide self­-nominations to ETF.com prior to 2018 and again in 2019. ETF.com announced that as part of the 2016 awards, “hundreds of nominations from participants in all corners of the ETF space” were received. However, Newfound is unable to determine any statistics as to the number of submissions per category as ETF.com does not provide that level of disclosure. As such, it is possible that the number of nominations in a category could be insignificant and therefore the selection of a winner or finalist would be less meaningful than it would be otherwise. 2) SELECTION OF FINALISTS – ETF.com Awards Nominating Committee – made up of senior leaders at ETF.com, Inside ETFs, and senior members of the FactSet ETF Analytics team – select up to five finalists in each category (unless a tie resulted, in which case there could be more than five finalists in a category). 3) SELECTION OF WINNER – Prior to 2019, the winners were selected from these finalists by a majority vote of the ETF.com Awards Selection Committee, which is a group of independent ETF experts (as determined by ETF.com). In 2019, awards for Service Providers categories had a distinct voting committee that included one representative from each issuer and one representative from each listing exchange. ETF.com is not affiliated with Newfound Research. There were no payments made in connection with the award. After winners were selected, Newfound Research purchased one seat to attend the 2016 awards ceremony dinner and two seats to attend the 2018 awards ceremony dinner. Newfound Research has not purchased any plaques, article reprints, or other similar indicia of the award. Ratings and awards may not be representative of any one client’s experience and are not indicative of Newfound Research’s future performance. Nominees were not required to be members of any organization to be eligible to receive an award.

Who We Serve

We currently serve financial advisors via open-end mutual funds, ETFs, and separately managed accounts through most major model manager platforms / TAMPs.  For qualified firms, we offer model delivery and customized mandate solutions.

We offer customized research and consulting services for family offices, consulting firms, and pensions. Our expertise extends to tactical asset allocation, quantitative investment strategies, and risk management.

We provide institutional investors with consulting, education and investment strategies to support a variety of mandates.

Central Philosophy

The greatest opportunity for differentiated returns is in active asset allocation.

Supporting Beliefs
  • Investors care deeply about capital preservation.
  • Risk cannot be destroyed, only transformed.
  • No pain, no premium; we believe that the opportunity to achieve differentiated outcomes requires bearing risk.
Bring us your hard problems.
Our strategies can only be solutions if we first understand your challenges.  Whether you face issues around asset allocation, market volatility or risk management, we’re ready to listen.