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Newfound Research is an investment manager delivering a full suite of next generation, purpose-driven investment portfolios.  Thirty years of abundant returns in traditional asset classes allowed a risk profile to be the solution to every problem.  With interest rates near all-time lows throughout the developed world, that era is gone.  We manage to goals, objectives, and outcomes.  We do it by identifying a problem and solving it with a portfolio process that is simple, consistent, and thoughtfully designed.  We don’t fit into style boxes or categories.  We eschew benchmarks for objectives – real objectives like managing volatility, enhancing diversification, and finding income.  Some call it alternative.  We call it investing with purpose.

Invest with Purpose

A portfolio should be designed around the goals of the individual.  We believe in providing investment strategies that are designed to solve specific problems.  We actively collaborate with advisors to integrate our strategies into customized, purpose-driven portfolios for end clients.

Risk-First Investing

Since inception, we have defined risk from the investor’s point of view.  We believe that investors care deeply about protecting the capital they have worked hard to accumulate.   We seek to achieve superior risk-adjusted returns by prioritizing downside risk (drawdown) management.

The Outlook Matters

An investment strategy does not exist in a vacuum.  It exists in a market environment.  We believe that having a discussion about the appropriateness and fit of a strategy given the current market outlook is paramount for long-term investment success.

Dynamic, Systematically Managed Portfolios


Our research shows that simple processes are more robust to uncertainty than complicated ones – an important factor when seeking to deliver consistent, repeatable results. 


We believe that the best way to ensure process consistency is through a rules-based approach, which we believe can help mitigate the behavioral biases that often lead to poor investment decisions.

Thoughtfully Designed

Our transparent rules for translating investment signals into portfolio allocations are uniquely designed to seek each strategy’s objectives while managing both market and model risk.

Invest with Purpose

We offer a comprehensive suite of investment solutions designed to solve specific problems, allowing investors to build custom-tailored portfolios for their unique objectives.

Newfound Research was founded in August 2008 by Tom Rosedale, CEO, and Corey Hoffstein, CIO, to license data from its quantitative investment algorithms. The firm’s models were researched and developed by Corey Hoffstein from 2007-2008. Originally developed to manage his own portfolio, Corey’s initial work focused on the application of momentum across domestic equity sectors as a risk management technique and cash as the default position of safety. The use of momentum enables the model to be applicable across a broad range of asset classes and portfolio objectives.

For several years, Newfound licensed data from its investment models to other asset management firms, providing the signals that helped drive their asset allocation decisions. In 2011, Newfound began to take a more active hand in strategy construction. Instead of delivering the raw momentum signals to clients, we worked with select asset managers to integrate our signals with their existing investment process, creating custom-tailored, collaborative solutions.

In late 2013, Newfound began researching and building proprietary investment strategies to directly serve the financial advisor and intermediary marketplace. We leveraged the experience from the prior five years of live data from our proprietary investment models and designing collaborative tactical models. The strategies were seeded in late 2013 and we began broad distribution of the strategies across multiple platforms (SMA, UMA, mutual fund, etc.) in 2014.

Outcome Oriented

Consistent Process

Thoughtfully Designed

Leadership Team


Tom holds a B.S. (Finance), magna cum laude, Bryant University, and a J.D., Boston University School of Law.

Tom Rosedale
Co-Founder, CEO, CCO

Corey is a frequent speaker on industry panels and contributes to ETF.com, ETF Trends, and Forbes.com’s Great Speculations blog.  He was named a 2014 ETF All Star by ETF.com.

Corey holds a Master of Science in Computational Finance from Carnegie Mellon University and a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, cum laude, from Cornell University.

Corey Hoffstein
Co-Founder, CIO

Justin is a frequent speaker on industry panels and contributes to ETF Trends.

Justin holds a Master of Science in Computational Finance and a Master of Business Administration from Carnegie Mellon University as a well as a BBA in Mathematics and Finance from the University of Notre Dame.

Justin Sibears
Portfolio Manager