Newfound Research was founded in August 2008 to offer quantitative investment research.

Over time, our capabilities evolved to include the design of custom mandate portfolios, the development of tactical overlay solutions, and sub-advisory services.

In December 2013, we began offering discretionary asset management services with portfolios directly advised by Newfound.

In all of our capabilities, we are dedicated to helping investors achieve their long-term goals with research-driven, quantitatively-managed portfolios, while simultaneously acknowledging that the quality of the journey is just as important as the destination.

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Our strategies are unique in that we invest at the intersection of quantitative and behavioral finance to deliver systematically managed, tactical portfolios designed for both the destination and the journey.

We employ quantitatively-driven investment approaches, powered by the evidenced-based insights of thoughtful research.  We believe systematic approaches help mitigate the behavioral biases that often lead to poor investment decisions.  Our approach to quantitative investing is distinguished by our focus on simple solutions, consistency of process, and thoughtful portfolio design.

Our strategies also reflect our view that investing isn’t easy.  Emotional decisions can derail even the best laid plan.  Therefore, we believe that the optimal investment plan is, first and foremost, one that investors can stick with.  Research shows that investors feel the pain of losses more than they feel the joy of gains.  This is reflected in a deep desire to protect the capital that they have worked hard to accumulate.  Accordingly, we seek to improve risk-adjusted returns and investor experience by prioritizing downside risk management and seeking to avoid large losses.

Newfound works exclusively with financial institutions and financial advisors, providing solutions to help them manage the wealth of their clients.

An ETF strategist is a firm that builds portfolios predominately out of exchange-traded funds.

Newfound offers a suite of equity, multi-asset, and fixed income portfolios. These portfolios are quantitatively managed and are most often categorized as tactical, flexible, or unconstrained. With an explicit focus on managing downside risk across the suite, our portfolios are often utilized by investors as a satellite sleeve designed to complement traditional asset allocation in environments where diversification opportunities may disappear.

By incorporating our solutions as a satellite to core long-term holdings, we believe we can help investors enjoy a more comfortable ride to meeting their investment objectives.

For clients looking to outsource their asset allocation and manager selection decisions, we offer our QuBe portfolio series, a suite of behavior aware, hybrid active/passive portfolios offered with zero overlay fee.

Newfound’s strategies are currently made available as separately managed accounts, through model manager platforms, and as mutual funds.

Tom holds a B.S. (Finance), magna cum laude, Bryant University, and a J.D., Boston University School of Law.

Tom Rosedale
Co-Founder, CEO, CCO

Corey is a frequent speaker on industry panels and contributes to ETF.com, ETF Trends, and Forbes.com’s Great Speculations blog.  He was named a 2014 ETF All Star by ETF.com.

Corey holds a Master of Science in Computational Finance from Carnegie Mellon University and a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, cum laude, from Cornell University.

Corey Hoffstein
Co-Founder, CIO

Nathan holds a Master of Science in Computational Finance from Carnegie Mellon University and graduated summa cum laude from Case Western Reserve University with a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering and a minor in Mathematics.

Nathan Faber
Vice President

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